Planting Apple Cider trees-Howler on guard

Planting Apple Cider Trees

Planting Apple Trees Planting Apple cider trees and other fruit trees at Glenbernie Orchard at Darkes Forest must start somewhere! Glenbernie Orchard is so close to Sydney, only 50mins drive from Sydney Airport but we can grow sensational apples because we have a great little micro-climate. We make our cider from our apples grown on […]

Glenbernie Orchard – A Bombowlee Family – YouTube

At our farm, Glenbernie Orchard, we grow apples, peaches and nectarines. We sell our fresh apples,make juice from them  and of course our ……Darkes Cider! However, our farm markets stone fruit under under a brand called ‘Bombowlee’. There are five families in the Sydney basin that use this brand. Recently we were asked to participate […]

Howler 4 Pack

Howler Launch

On 15 November 2013 Darkes Cider officially unleashed it’s first cider, the ‘Howler’ to the general public in typical Darkes Forest ‘wild’ weather. Guests had a ‘howling’ good time with entertainment provided by local band ‘Beaten Bodies’ and were wowed by ‘The Flaming Bitch’.