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Darkes Cider
Darkes Forest NSW

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Howler Taste ..Untamed!
Deep in Darkes Forest, hidden like the best kept secret, unfolds our 4th generation family orchard. Our apples are hand picked, freshly crushed and master brewed to produce a cider that reflects the personality of the farm’s legendary guardian. Just the right amount of sweetness but with a “bit of a bite”.
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Casey and Brandon (4th generation and gen ‘y’ ) pushed the older members of our Fahey family in the direction of cider making, confident that our apples would make sensational flavoured cider.

Armed with generations of experience in apple farming our family began a journey to understand what was required to make a cider that locals and visitors alike would enjoy. It was important to our family that we use 100% fresh crushed apple.

The idea of delivering a pure apple cider became a reality when we discovered that the varieties of apple already grown on the farm were perfectly suitable.

The Howler is our first cider, made from our own apples. Every apple is selected personally by family members. As farmers it is incredibly important to us that we are involved right throughout the process. We grow the fruit and we see it through to the glass.

We feel the best part about Howler is it’s versatility. It’s an all occasion drink, great served on a hot day after work. It’s perfect with pasta or pizza, super with spicy stir fry like Thai chilli basil, and tantalising as a toast at New Years Eve, a 21st or a wedding!

… and it’s just like the farms’ guardian canine who features on the label. Just the right amount of sweetness but with a ‘bit of a bite’.

Tasting Notes

Darkes Cider, Howler

ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

4.5% (330ml bottles, 1.2 standard drinks)

A crisp refreshing cider made from 100% fresh crushed apple, including varieties such as Delicious, Royal Gala and Pink Lady.

Pouring reveals a pale straw colour with delicate carbonation. It has a lovely immediate sweetness, balanced with mouth feel tannins from the red apple skins. An addictive apple flavour lingers beyond the last mouthful.

A cider of broad appeal and great versatility. Especially suited to tomato based dishes, fish and chicken. Screams to be paired with the spicy flavours of Thai inspired foods. For a bit of a twist try with a wedge of fresh lime or a fresh raspberry!

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Little Blue a non alcoholic cider has hit the deck!

This is a refreshing sparkling giving you the option to have a drink whilst out and not worry about the alcohol - there is none! So it's great for drivers and anyone else who prefers to drink a non alcohol drink!

Best served chilled. Can be served over ice with a twist of your favourite garnish fruits! Fresh is best.

This Non Alcoholic apple cider is made from our apples grown on our 4th generation family farm.

Lots of people are loving our alcoholic cider but have asked us to create a non alcoholic cider. So here it is folks! We are confident you'll enjoy it just as much as we are.

We have named it after our next legendary guardian growing up on the farm, "Little Blue". She's got just the right amount of sweetness but 'All Bark and No Bite'.

Our apples are hand picked and freshly crushed to make this 100% Australian Non Alcoholic cider.

Tasting Notes

Darkes Cider, Little Blue


(330ml bottles, non alcoholic)

A totally refreshing non alcoholic cider made from 100% fresh crushed Pink Lady and Granny Smith apple.
Pouring a crisp, clear colour, with delicate almost infinite bubbles. The immediate fresh sweetness hits you with a big zing. This amazing apple flavour comes from the fresh crushed Australian fruit it is made from, and you are left craving more.

You can drink this cider with any dish of your choice or just by itself on a hot day. It’s an all day, everyday drink!

For a bit of a twist try immersing a wedge of fresh lime, chopped mint, raspberry or any other fresh fruit of choice!

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Tractor Family Farm Orchards
Tractor Glenn and Jo Old Tractor Apples

The farm is located at Darkes Forest on the picturesque Illawarra Escarpment, adjacent to the Dharawal National Park.

Our family arrived at Darkes Forest in 1939 planting first commercial apple trees in 1952. The varieties of apples we grow have changed over the years in response to consumer demand. They now include Royal Gala, Fuji, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Pink Lady. Our apples are sold from the farm, locally and through the Sydney Markets.

Four generations of our family have worked on the farm and three generations are currently still working!! The focus is on delivering beaut fresh fruit to Sydney and sensational cider to the world!

Our on farm shop, the Darkes Apple Shack is open everyday from 10am - 4.30pm.

We are sharing our farm through Experience Tours and soon you will be able to pre purchase your tickets here!

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Darkes Cider - How to find us

Google Map

Glenbernie Orchard
259 Darkes Forest Rd
Darkes Forest NSW 2508

Jo-Anne Fahey

M: 0407 921 709